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 1. Must follow this Tumblr to enter (I don’t post much but giveaways, art and the odd dog photo or funny blurb)

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i would pay so much money for a black butler game where you just play sebastian and it’s a dumb management game and all you really do is cook and clean and take care of the house but damn i bet it would be fuck ig fun

hard mode would be where you have to play claude instead of sebastian. the game sometimes makes you randomly fuck up. 



the pizza guy is gonna put tonight on his résumé

i made this post about the oscars and the pizza guy but now i’m sure that 95% of the ppl reblogging it now are thinking i fucked a pizza guy when i did not there has been a grave misunderstanding here my friends

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your honor, my client is innocent. like, come on. for real. come on, your honor. seriously dude

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I don’t use condoms ;)

not because i like to practice unsafe sex but because I never have sex

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Normal Student: Thank you so much! You have no idea how hard I’ve worked for this diploma…

Kuro Obsessed Student: If I couldn’t pass my classes and earn this simple diploma, why, what kind of graduate would I be?